A Case of the Screw-It’s

IMG_0526IMG_0528IMG_0529IMG_0540IMG_0544IMG_0554IMG_0555IMG_0559IMG_0562IMG_0570IMG_0574IMG_0595IMG_0604IMG_0607Have you ever woken up with a case of the Screw-It’s? Symptoms include apathy, procrastination, and generally not giving a crap. Severely afflicted patients may feel the urge to stay in their pajamas all day and watch Netflix on the couch instead of being productive. It’s serious stuff. Unfortunately, I think I’ve recently fallen ill with a case of the Screw It’s. I show all the signs:

Research paper due tomorrow?
Screw it.
Bedroom is so messy it looks like a hurricane hit? Screw-it.
That rats nest I call hair hasn’t been brushed in two days? Screw it.

I am terribly ill indeed, and showing no signs of improvement. In fact, I’m not sure I want to fully recover. You see, I’ve been caring about things too much my entire life. I work myself up over the most trivial matters until I’m stressed out of my mind and so paralyzed by anxiety that I can’t accomplish anything.

I’ve always been obsessed with my grades. Actually the word addicted is more accurate, because I can’t quit the grades ‘Stress Cycle’ no matter how hard I try. The logical side of my brain knows that getting a sub-average grade on a quiz or paper is not that big a deal, but the emotional side of my brain can’t get with the program!

Maybe if I cared a little less, I’d be healthier and happier. Now, I’m by no means advocating total apathy or indifference in life, but I am recognizing the danger of caring so much it  harms instead of helps. Passion and ambition and investment are all wonderful qualities to have. But they are finite resources- you only have so much of them to use before you are spread too thin. Maybe instead of trying to care deeply about everything I do, I should only care about a few specific things and let the others sort themselves out. Not every paper I write has to be A+ material, I don’t have to apply for every internship on the face of the earth, I don’t have to be über close with all my friends. Being able to discern what is truly important to me in life and what I can safely say Screw-It to is the key to success!

Perhaps being infected with a case of the Screw-It’s isn’t so bad after all. I hear it’s contagious- you might just come down with it one of these days. If you do, don’t hesitate to join me in my crusade against over-caring!

P.s. These photos are from my time at the Malibu Pier!

Question of the Day
Do you ever care so much about something it stresses you out? Please tell me I’m not alone!

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