Tour of A College Student’s Room

Have you ever wondered what happens when kids move out and live on their own for the first time? Are their rooms pristine or pigsties? Do they enjoy the freedom of self-regulation or secretly miss mama’s orders to “go clean up your room”? I have been officially on my own for three years now, and I’m finally starting to get the hang of this whole independence thing. For me, the space I live in and call my own is very important to my overall happiness. I love to decorate and customize it to fit my personal style and needs. This year I’m renting a room from a Faculty family on campus instead of living in the traditional dorms, so I thought I’d give you a little tour in case you’re curious to see! Enjoy.
^Watercolor painting has long been one of my hobbies. It is so soothing and cathartic! I love picking a meaningful quote like this one from author F. Scott Fitzgerald and rendering it in a unique way.IMG_9484
^Every college student’s room is filled with 12 million textbooks. Fun times.IMG_9489
^Here we have my ‘focal wall,’ if you will. After I returned from abroad, I printed and framed some of my favorite photos from the year. And those angel wings on the right are a new addition from my recent initiation into a sorority.IMG_9511IMG_9497IMG_9494
^The pocket painting I bought one day in Heidelberg of the Altebrücke and castle!IMG_9493IMG_9490IMG_9498
^I bought this Gryffindon Banner while on the Harry Potter Studio Tour outside London. Technically, I am a HufflePuff according to the online quiz, but I always pretend to be Gryffindor because it’s so much cooler. IMG_9513
^The German flag. Are you starting to notice a theme?IMG_9516
^The disaster that is my desk. Don’t worry mom, I’ll clean it one of these days…IMG_9486IMG_9485What do you think? Could you live here? I adore my room and wouldn’t have it any other way! But I understand it might be too much pink for some people to handle…Anyways, I hope you enjoyed a little peek behind the curtain into my habitat, and I’ll meet you back here soon friends.

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