A Poem For You, Autumn


A poem for my friend, Autumn:

Leaves are waiting to fall, pensive, and uncertain
School is in full swing, and the day sleeps sooner
Holidays lay on the horizon, eager to be celebrated
A crispness hangs in the air
Candles are lit, filling homes with musty fragrance
Scarves are unpacked, ready to be worn
Pumpkin spice lattes are brewed, begging to be savored
I wait in hopeful anticipation of your arrival
My friend Autumn, hurry on up
You are welcome here

P.s. I have to write poetry for my class this semester, so I’m experimenting. What do you think? Oh, and the picture above is from my trip to Paris last November. It was magical but I was also FREEZING MY BUTT OFF.

6 thoughts on “A Poem For You, Autumn

  1. Definitely love it! I wish we had more seasons here in CA. Autumn is my favorite season and it was beautiful in Japan then. Keep writing, Grandma Susan


  2. Micah, let me take a stab at a poem for you:

    It’s hot here,
    I wish I was not here

    A poem for Southern California the past two weeks. Wish I had a beautiful picture of me sweating here in SoCal. To match the beauty of Paris (last year!). By the way, I love the Autumn poem. Perfect.

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