Meet Hildesheim!

Friends, meet Hildesheim.
Hildesheim, meet friends. 

Now that you’ve been properly introduced, I thought I would tell you a bit more about my home for the summer. Hildesheim is a town in the northern German state of Nieder-Sachsen, near the larger cities of Hanover and Hamburg. Hildesheim was founded in 815 AD, and is preparing to celebrate its 1,200 year anniversary this summer. It was a walled city in the middle ages, and remnants of the wall can still be seen throughout Hildesheim today. It is the seat of the bishopric for Northern Germany, and has no small amount of churches to show for it!

72% of Hildesheim was destroyed during the second world war, but this street is a part of the 28% that remained untouched. Arn’t the half-timbres houses just gorgeous?   IMG_6090.jpg
As legend has it, the son of emperor Charlemagne was hunting in the woods one summer and got lost. He placed his rosary beads on a rose bush and prayed to be found. He fell asleep, and when he woke up, his rosary was frozen to the branch! He swore that if he was found, he would build a cathedral dedicated to the virgin Mary on that very spot. A few hours later he was rescued and, true to his word, he constructed St. Mary’s cathedral with the rose bush wrapped around the nave (pictured above). That guy was nothing if not dedicated…

Experts believe that the Thousand Year Old Rose is the oldest rose bush on Earth! And the locals claim that as long as the rose thrives, Hildesheim will thrive. The Rose has become a symbol of the town, and is depicted everywhere, such as painted on the side walk or above door frames.IMG_6112.jpgIMG_6120.jpg

^Germany really does have the best doors.

IMG_6123.jpg ^The memorial to the Jewish Synagogue that was destroyed on Kristallnacht.FullSizeRender-2.jpgIMG_6122.jpg  Well friends, I hope you enjoyed getting to know my summer home a bit better. It sure is a great place, and the only thing that would make it better is if you all were here with me! Have a relaxing weekend.

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