What’s in a Name?


A blog by any other name would sound as sweet…thats how the saying goes, right? Well I hope Shakespear was right, because I just renamed this little blog of mine. What used to be “Heidelberglove” is now “Passportsandpaintbrushes.” As my time studying abroad in Heidelberg came to a close, I knew I didn’t want to stop blogging. At first I thought, “How can I blog about mundane, everday life after writing about such crazy travel adventures?” But then I realized that for me, blogging is about making everyday life an adventure. It pushes me to try new things, step outside my comfort zone, and exercise my creativity. Plus, as a creative writing major, I need to practice writing so I don’t get rusty during the summer. And so, my blog lives on! As my time here in Hildesheim, Germany, begins, I can’t wait to document and share it with you. The ups, the downs, the mundane, and the outrageous times will all be here, because together they make up life, and what a good life it is! Have a great week friends, I will check back here in in a few days after I’m over jetlag and can think straight. Tschüss for now!

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