50 Little Things That Make Me Happy


  1. Crawling into my soft bed after a long day
  2. Painting with watercolors
  3. Sipping a Chai Tea Latte
  4. Reading before bed
  5. Sunsets
  6. Coffee dates with friends
  7. Playing the Piano
  8. Late night chats with my mom
  9. Browsing my favorite Blogs
  10. Taking photos with my DSLR camera
  11. Editing said photos
  12. Messing around on the guitar with my little brother
  13. Traveling
  14. Long car rides
  15. Making a new iTunes playlist
  16. Writing this blog!
  17. Twilight walks
  18. Rainy afternoons
  19. Binging on Gilmore Girls episodes
  20. All things Mango-flavored
  21. Listening to an especially good sermon
  22. Organizing my room
  23. Bear hugs
  24. Family vacations
  25. Creating little Films
  26. Discussing Literature
  27. Sending letters/postcards
  28. Celebrating Birthdays
  29. Buying the perfect gift for someone
  30. Watching Elf on Christmas Eve
  31. Doodling during class
  32. When people absolutely love their job
  33. Biting into a crunchy piece of watermellon
  34. Fireworks on the fourth of July
  35. Parades and Festivals in my home town
  36. Visiting my extended family in Iowa and Nebraska
  37. My older brother’s laugh
  38. Church Potlucks
  39. Summer camp
  40. Family dinners
  41. Card Games
  42. The changing of the seasons
  43. Coffee-flavored Gelato
  44. Finding a Bible verse that really speaks to my heart
  45. Journaling
  46. Crafting!
  47. Scrolling through Instagram when I first wake up in the morning
  48. Friday afternoons right after I finish class for the week
  49. Hearing the waves crash on the sea shore
  50. Discussing deep, philosophical issues with my dad
    ^Neuschwanstein Castle makes me pretty happy too! Especially when you can actually see it :p

5 thoughts on “50 Little Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Spent the past hour not doing hw but rather catching up on your wonderful month of March #notsorry
    I can hear you in these words. It makes me miss you like crazy. You inspire me!

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