Hola amigos, how’s it hangin’? I apologize for the radio silence around here recently, but I just returned from a week in Barcelona with my Pepperdine group on our Educational Field Trip! I was excited for this trip all year, so when the day finally rolled around, I packed my bags, dusted off my high-school Spanish, and boarded the plane with high expectations. And guess what, friends? Barcelona exceeded them a hundred times over! The city is impossibly dynamic- ever changing and constantly moving. Barcelona is in the Spanish province of Cataloña, which speaks a mix of Catalan  and Spanish (commonly referred to as Catañol) and is currently fighting to succeed from Spain! Keep reading for a more detailed account of the week’s happenings.IMG_3115

First things first- I drank my fare share of delicious Spanish coffee. Priorities. IMG_3190IMG_3079IMG_3094IMG_3082

On the first day, I walked to St. Joseph’s Street market- a large covered market filled with stalls of all sorts selling fruit, fish, vegetables, baked goods, you name it! I have been slightly fruit deprived here in Germany, so I made sure to get my fill. IMG_3046IMG_2798IMG_2993

The following day we took an excursion to the Salvador Dalí museum, as well as the medieval town of Girrona (pictured above). I was familiar with Dalí’s surrealist artwork, like the melting clocks, but I did not realize how versatile and varied his style actually is! He also mastered realism, impressionism, abstraction, sculpture, and much more. Dalí designed the museum himself to match his quirky, unique taste- it kind of felt like I had entered Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, to be honest!IMG_2742IMG_2827IMG_2946

Up next, the beach of course! Sure, it is February, but we didn’t let that stop us from soaking up some sun. The locals gave us some strange looks, but we didn’t care- we were just glad for a taste of home. We are the Pepperdine Waves, after all. IMG_3127IMG_2925

You can’t talk about Barcelona without mentioning Gaudí, the famous Barcelonan architect who took the city and made it his. Everything from the street lamps and side walks to the massive cathedral Sagrada Familia were designed by Gaudí. He called ‘nature his master’, and found inspiration in the organic shapes and forms around him. Pictured above is La Casa Batllo, an ocean-inspired apartment building designed by Gaudi in the early 20th century. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, right?IMG_3232IMG_3214

The five spires of La Segrada Familia are an iconic part of the Barcelona skyline. This cathedral has been under construction for over one hundred year, and is estimated to be completed in 2026. Gaudí oversaw the design and construction for over 40 years of his life, and considered it his masterpiece. I can see why! Way to go Gaudí. The outside is unlike any other, and the inside is equally stunning. The stained glass windows (pictured above) refract rainbow light all over the interior, setting it apart from many dimly-lit cathedrals.


My home-girls Sarah and Laura. You can see the Sagrada Familia in the background!IMG_3067IMG_3035IMG_2787IMG_3010On the last night, we saw a Flamenco show! The captivating dance moves, colorful dresses, and fiery guitar music made for an unforgettable experience.This trip was definitely one for the books. I don’t know if I will be able to top it this semester, but I’m sure as heck going to try! Adios, amigos, I hope you drop by again soon.

5 thoughts on “¡Barcelona!

  1. What amazing fun you are having! I hope Professor Bui is doing okay. Blessings, Grandma Susan ________________________________________

  2. I always feel like I’m transported to the places you are writing about….your writing is that good! So real! So awesome! Keep it up!

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