Switzerland: Lausanne & Zermatt

Hallo meine Freunde! I thought I’d drop a line or two about my recent trip to Switzerland. We spent a day in Lausanne, home of another Pepperdine International Program, and a day in Zermatt, home of the Matterhorn. Both towns exceeded my expectations. The alps are breath taking! Their sheer height and steepness is arresting, yet strangely etherial. Lausanne is on the banks of Lake Geneva, and the alps rise sharply on the opposite shore. When I gazed across at them, I couldn’t help but think God is the master artist. Zermatt is a quaint little ski town, dominated by the infamous peak of the Matterhorn. Let me tell you, the real thing is a million times better than the Disneyland Version- and that’s saying something! I adore Switzerland, and know I will return again one day.

3 thoughts on “Switzerland: Lausanne & Zermatt

  1. Oh, Micah, this makes me homesick for Lausanne! How did you like the Pepperdine house there? Susan ________________________________________

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