The ABC’s of Me

IMG_5497Hey friends! Glad you stopped by. Recently, I’ve seen ‘The ABC’s of Me’ floating around the blogosphere, and I thought I’d give it a shot. I hope you enjoy learning a few random fun facts about me!

Age– I am nineteen! My 20th birthday is in June (Gasp!). Goodbye Teen age years, it’s been real.

Best Friend- I am blessed to have many dear friends in this life, but one in particular is Laura. Laura and I go way back. We attended the same church growing up, which meant summer camps, youth group retreats, and mission trips together. When we both decided to attend Pepperdine, rooming together seemed like a natural transition. People often say you shouldn’t room with your friends, but Laura and I live together seamlessly! She is one of the most passionate, talented, and considerate people I know. She is in Heidelberg with me this year, and we ended up pulling each other’s names out of a hat to be roommates again- if that’s not a sign we are support to be life long friends, I don’t know what is!

Cake or Pie– Cake all the way. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting, to be exact. I ask my mom to make it every year on my birthday, and she never fails to deliver.

Day of Choice- I am a Tuesday kind of gal. Tuesdays are past the groggy Monday morning start, but haven’t reached the Wednesday hump yet. By Tuesday, I am settled into my weekly routine and feeling good.

Essential Item- My DSLR camera! Since I started this blog, I’ve become obsessed with capturing every single thing I lay eyes on. Sure, my camera is a bit bulky, but I wouldn’t think to embark on a  trip without it.

Family– My mom, dad, older brother and younger brother make up my immediate family, and then there’s the amazing crew I call my extended family! Twenty-some odd members on my dad’s side spent this past Christmas together in Nebraska,  laughing, eating, and playing in the snow. Did I mention eating? There was a lot of that. I love my family, and feel grateful to be able to spend the rest of my life making memories with them!

Game- I am a pretty pathetic sports fan, although I enjoy playing a pick up game here and there. In terms of “Game-Night” type games, some of my favorites include Fish Bowl, Telephone Pictionary, The Animal Sign game, and the card game Scum.

Hometown– The one and only El Segundo. Although I didn’t move to town until fifth grade, El Segundo has worked it’s way into my heart and claimed the title of Home. With it’s quaint Main Street shops, abundant parks, good schools, and proximity to the beach- what’s not to love? You should definitely come visit sometime 🙂

Indulgence- Chai Tea Lattes and Music. I am generally a frugal/thrifty person, but when it comes to my Starbucks drink and my tunes, I am willing to bust out my wallet!

January or July- After experiencing my first real January in the cold, I must admit it wasn’t as bad as I expected. I bundled up, sat by the fire, and enjoyed a slower pace of life. But alas, I still prefer July, and all the fireworks, watermelon,  and sunburns that come with it!

Kid Photo- Yeah, I was cool.

Life isn’t Complete Without- My faith in Jesus! My faith gives me the confidence to move forward, knowing my past sins are forgiven and my future is in good hands.

Nickname- My parents often call me Missy or Sweetgirl. My friends have come up with some crazy pronunciations of Micah, like Me-Huh, Me-Ka, Me-Kak, Moi-Ka (don’t ask me how these came about. My friends are weird.)

One wish- That everyone who wanted to travel the world would have the opportunity, as it really is life changing and our world would be a better place if we all saw a little more of it!

  Pet Peeve- (When people forget to include the closing parentheses on their thought…

Quote– “Grow where you are planted.” I am not sure of the origins of this saying, but it has really stuck with me this year. In my life, it means learning to be satisfied with your current situation or circumstance, and blessing others in what ever ways you are able!

Reason to Smile- I am studying abroad in the most beautiful place in the world (I’m not bias)! It’s not always easy, but it is undeniably rewarding and worth it.

Season of Choice- This year is my first time experiencing actual seasons, and I must say Fall stole my heart! The crisp air, colorful leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes are simply unbeatable!

Tea or Coffee- COFFEE. In fact, I am drinking a cup right now. I don’t have a problem…I could stop anytime. Coffee is my comfort drink!

Unknown Fact about Me- I was an Irish dancer for seven years. I wore the sparkly dress, curly wig, special shoes, and everything! Irish dance is the longest sport I’ve ever stuck with, and it holds a fond place in my heart. I can’t wait for my trip to Ireland next month- you better believe I’m going to be dancing the jig the entire time!

Vehicle– The only vehicles I am riding these days are trains! In high school, I drove my parent’s cars, but I plan to buy my first set of wheels this summer.

Worst Habit- Eating late at night. I know I should stop, but midnight snacks are just so deliciously satisfying!

Xray or Ultrasound- I couldn’t think of any other X-words, so X-ray it is. I have broken my wrist three times, and had three X-rays!

Your Favorite Trip- Last semester I really enjoyed my trip to Berlin for the 25th anniversary of the falling of the wall. So far this semester, my trip to Normandy sticks out in my mind as particularly special.  The landscape was gorgeous, the group was cohesive, and the history was moving. What more could a girl ask for?

Zodiac- Gemini- Obviously! Just kidding. According to the stars, I am inquisitive, loving, caring, flexible and easygoing, and can communicate ideas well. What do you think, accurate?

5 thoughts on “The ABC’s of Me

  1. You are a clever writer, Micah. All is well here. Dance In Flight was this last week and it was absolutely marvelous! It truly was the best ever, and not just because my granddaughter was in it! Enjoy this last semester there from A-Z. Grandma Susan ________________________________________

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