Life Lately

IMG_2171IMG_2174IMG_5053 I don’t have much to report on these last few days, but I knew I just wanted to write a post. Sometimes words demand to be written. So what can I tell you about my life that would be worth reading? Well, for starters, there’s the Listening Summit. What is that, you ask? The Listening Summit is an annual conference each Pepperdine International Program puts on that provides a time for local university students to meet with Pepperdine students and discuss important topics in the world today. Seven German students from the University of Heidelberg and twelve American students from our program spent the weekend together in an amazing hotel in the village of Langweiler, talking about immigration in our respective countries. Differences, similarities, problems, solutions- you name it, we covered it. The conversation was extremely interesting and informative- I think my IQ went up a few points! The above picture was taken from the conference room during one of our sessions, as fluffy white flakes blanketed the dormant vineyards. The photo below was taken in between sessions during a much needed coffee break! I am so glad I was able to enter into a genuine dialogue with people my age, who see the world in a different light and can offer new perspectives. Other than that, my week has been pretty typical. What about you? Any new news? Tschüss for now friends.


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