2015 Travel Wish List

I’ve made travel wish lists in the past, but the difference this year is that some of these wishes could actually come true! While I am trying to stay flexible this semester and not stress out when travel plans change or fall through, there are a few places I am determined to see before hoping on the plane back to America. Here we go:


I have always been fascinated by Amsterdam, even before it was made popular by the book/movie, “The Fault in Our Stars.” Several people in my group went last semester, and while I would have loved to see it in the fall with all the colorful leaves, I am excited to visit this Spring when the Tulips are in bloom and I can spend time outside wandering the canals.


I think the picture says it all. Italy is such a large country with so many gorgeous places, but if I have to pick just one this semester, I choose you, Rome! The history, the architecture, the language, the gelato- I could go on for days about what makes this capitol city so special. My friends and I are planning a trip for the end of February, so hopefully my dream will become a reality.

Edinburgh  edinburgh1.jpg

There is something mysterious and magical about Scotland. Ever since I watched “Braveheart,” I’ve longed to see this enchanted country. Or was it just Mel Gibson? Doubt it. A classmate of mine visited last semester, and ranted and raved about her experience! I quote her directly, “It felt like I had been there before because it was the place I’d always dreamed existed.” Pretty persuasive, eh? My girlfriend and I are imagining a trip in late March, when the weather is nice and we can take a bus tour of the Highlands. My life would be complete.

So now that you’ve read my 2015 Travel Wish List, it is your job to hold me to it! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to make these dreams a come true. And even if they don’t, I am content just dreaming about all this world has to offer. Bon Voyage and I hope all is well, my friends!

2 thoughts on “2015 Travel Wish List

  1. Micah, this is a terrible post. You are making all of us jealous. You are choosing between Rome, Edinburgh, Amsterdam…my next trips are Arkansas and Fresno. And choosing between Steve’s Burgers and Rinaldi’s on the weekends! Aw, just kidding…but we all would trade places with you, SweetGirl. Dad

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