Heiligeist Kirche

This past Sunday, all the evangelical churches in the Heidelberg area met for a conjoined service at the large Heiligeist Kirche (Holy Ghost Church) in the middle of town. It was amazing to see over eight hundred people gathered in one place to worship God. And even though I could not understand the majority of the German, I know they are reciting the same prayers to the same God, and it made me feel connected to my church Family back home.

The atmosphere was relaxed, and I particularly enjoyed the band, which included one of my favorite instruments, the  cello.  I recognized some of the songs, and tried to mumble along. I am traveling most weekends, and do not make it back in time to attend a regular church service. Although I go to house church and bible study, I’ve realized I miss the community of faith believers only a home-church can provide. The experience of pursuing faith on my own this year has make me stronger in many ways, and also made me realize why Jesus says, “Where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there.”

2 thoughts on “Heiligeist Kirche

  1. Did they use that elevated pulpit? I’ve always wondered what it would be like to preach from a perch like that. I’m glad you are safely back in Heidelberg Micah — God bless you this new semester!

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