Hallo Heidel


Oh hey, how’s it hanging back in America? Things here in Heidelberg are cold, rainy, and wonderful! Yes, jet-lag is killer and the general adjustment period is a real thing, but I am thrilled to be reunited with my fellow Heidelbergers. All the snow has melted, except a few patches here and there left over to taunt us. But I have faith it will snow again soon! We had a mock-class schedule today, where I sat in on all four of my classes and read the syllabus. While I can’t say I’m overly excited about my classes, which include Economics and Statistics, I am excited to get to know my classmates and professors better.

Unfortunately, one of my group members slipped and fell the first day and broke her arm. She has surgery yesterday, and is doing as well as can be expected. I visited her and brought her orange “Pepperdine” flowers, and plan to visit again tomorrow, which happens to be her 20th birthday! It will definitely be an unforgettable birthday, to say the least.

Other than that, we are all happy and health, albeit exhausted. I can’t wait to travel to Neuschwanstein next weekend and snap some gorgeous photos, all of which I will be sure to share in a post. Have a great weekend friends!

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