Christmas 2014

IMG_1816Happy New Year friends! Another holiday is upon us, and I am just now getting around to writing about my Christmas in Nebraska. Humor me for a sec, as I recount Christmas 2014! My family and I hit the runway Dec. 22, bound for York, Nebraska. My cousin and her family just built a beautiful new home next to my aunt and uncle’s house, situated on 40 acres of farmland at the edge of town. We stayed in a combo of the two houses- I was lucky enough to have my own room!

When we arrived, we were immediately greeted by who we like to call “the little girls.” There are five girls under the age of five in my family right now, and they bring energy, laughter, and silliness to the group! They sure kept us (especially their mamas) busy throughout the week. It was wonderful to experience Christmas with little children again, as it brings back some of the magic and enthusiasm I used to feel. I found myself sharing in their excitement for all things Christmas: baking cookies, opening stockings, singing carols, and unwrapping presents. I also reconnected with my eleven year old cousin Audrey in particular. We both enjoy art, and experimented with her new oil pastels and water color paints together. To pass the time before and after Christmas day, the group of us went bowling, played basketball at the gym, and saw a few movies. It snowed on and off throughout the week, so we even broke out the sleds and went in search of a hill (Nebraska is notoriously flat).

After having been in Germany for the past three months, this Christmas was particularly poignant. I am beginning to realize just how important family is in life. I have plenty of friends at school, but I do not have my family. Time with them is hard to come by, and must be cherished. No, family is not perfect– far from! I tend to idealize them when I am away or feel homesick, then when I return, I am hit with the reality that they are not saints. But they are my imperfect people, and I couldn’t be prouder to call myself a Lambert.

Happy New Years friends, I hope 2015 is the best one yet! Below are some photos of the week, and a little video I made.

^I had so much fun hanging out with my cousin Audrey!


IMG_1465^Cousins Audrey and Estelle. Can you see the family resemblance?

^Baby Lars is stoked on life. He was a champ for letting us hold and coddle him all week!
^Isabelle was really into sugar cookie baking!

^Sugar cookie decorating was a BIG hit.
^Cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve. I think Santa enjoyed them, as there wasn’t a crumb left the next morning :p
^Stockings hung all in a row, waiting to be filled!
^Uncle Bill and his newest grand baby Lars, the first boy since my cousin Benjamin was born fifteen years ago!

^Stare down. The cow won.IMG_1777IMG_1712
^Be careful not to say the F word (Frozen, that is) in front of these littles- they might break out into song! Arn’t these Elsa and Anna costumes the cutest things you ever did see? I want one in my size.
^Evelyn playing us some tunes on the Guitar.

^Winter, Spring, Summer or fall- this view from the porch never gets old.

^Shameless snow selfie!
^Our day trip to Harlan, Iowa, the closest town to the farm my dad grew up on.
^Cousins Sofia sledding up a storm!
^All five of us are Heidelberg alumni, and couldn’t pass up a photo op!
^Baby Lars loves Heidelberg almost as much as we do!

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2014

  1. Lovely Christmas time! Blessings to you and your family the new year 2015! Much love, Grandma Susan ________________________________________

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