Tschüss For Now Heidelberg


The time has come to pack up my bags and say good bye to this beautiful city for a few weeks. It is bitter sweet, but I must admit, it feels more on the sweet side right now! Although I adore Heidelberg, I am eager to rejoin my family and celebrate our special Christmas traditions in California and Nebraska. Plus, I will be able to veg out on Netflix for days on end without finals looming over my head! Never the less, I will miss the little things that make Heidelberg so unique. For instance, tonight I met up with two of my German friends (It’s a long story involving a sister who studied abroad in El Segundo) and wandered the Christmas Market at the Castle. This is a special Market that is only open for two weekends out of the whole year! The above picture is of the giant Christmas tree in the Castle court yard. See what I mean? Heidelberg is easy to miss! See you soon schönest Stadt.

P.s. Here is a link to my groups Spiritual Life vide (I am featured speaking in it- I’m famous!)

2 thoughts on “Tschüss For Now Heidelberg

  1. Beautiful! I have loved following all your adventures this semester! Look forward to seeing you next week. Praying for safe and smooth travels

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