Wise Words


“Nine times out of ten, you probably aren’t having a full-on nervous breakdown—you just need a cup of tea and a biscuit.”

— British writer Caitlin Moran in letter to her daughter

Hey friends, I’m back! It has been hard to find time to blog recently, because finals are upon us here in Heidelberg. I have been studying, packing, and planning/participating in Christmas events such as Ice skating, Tree decorating, and Secret Santa. I decided to take a much needed study break, and read a few of my favorite blogs. While reading A Cup of Jo, I came across the above quote. I was immediately drawn to it, and it keeps popping into my mind at random times.

I have always been a worrier. Sometimes I keep myself up at night stressing over the littlest things, even though they always resolve themselves in the morning. This year has been no different. I am skilled at working myself up over nothing, and then breaking down from the mental exhaustion of it! Although I’ve learned a few coping mechanisms throughout the years, such as surrounding myself with wise, calm people, I stills struggle with anxiety on a daily basis. For instance, the other night I left my homework that was due the next morning in the classrooms, and didn’t have the time or energy to walk back down to get it. I decided to arrive to class early the next morning to retrieve it, but instead of just leaving it at that, I let my mind wander to the worst possible scenarios. What if someone threw it away? What if I can’t turn it in and my grade plummets? What is my alarm doesn’t go off at the correct time? 

This quote reminds me to take a deep breath and relax. I’m fine, I just need a cup of tea and a biscuit (or German cake in my case!). I think culture places so much emphasis on being happy, that the second you feel nervous or upset, you think something is wrong with you. I accuse myself of being over emotional or unrealistic, thinking I have mental problems or am loosing my mind. But it’s normal to worry! All I have to do is learn how to talk myself down and refocus my priorities.

Anyways, all this to say: If you are stressed like me over finals or the likes, take a walk or grab a cup of Joe, and remember you are probably not having a full-on nervous breakdown. You are normal and everything will work out like it always does! Have an incredible day friends!

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