IMG_0822Bon Jour! I am fresh off a weekend in Paris, and I need to write everything down before I forget all the glorious details. I had high expectations for this trip, because I grew up hearing about how wonderful Paris is, and was worried I might be let down or disappointed. I am pleased to report this fear disipated the second I saw the Eiffle Tower sparkling from the train window. It was love at first sight. The petit cafes, tree lines streets, and attention to detail combined to create a magical atmosphere. Every building is its own work of art. Not even the pouring rain on Sunday could dampen my mood- in fact, I think it made it even more romantic! Even though we saw most everything on our hit list, I want to return because it is impossible to spend too much time there. There are a million little corners of the city I want to explore! Below is a brief description of what we did each day with pictures:
La Louvre: Friday morning, we headed over to pay homage to my home-girl Mona Lisa. We only viewed a small portion of the artwork, because you could spend days there and not see it all!  Overwhelming in the best way.
IMG_0816Le Arc de Triumphe: We ascended this iconic landmark, comissioned by Nepolian to commemorate his war victories. The view did not disappoint! I would recommend this over the Eiffle Tower if you have to choose because this way you can actually see the Eiffle tower in the city skyline.IMG_0866
Le Teur de Eiffel: We also ascended the tower because how could we not?! We went at night, and saw Paris sparkle and glitter. It was really cold though, so bundle up!
IMG_0965IMG_0934IMG_0930IMG_0891IMG_0969Versailles: On Saturday morning we made the hour long treck by over ground train to the Chateau de Versailles. I can see why it was the envy of every court in Europe. The palace itself is massive- it took three hours to tour all the rooms! The grounds are even more extensive and impressive. My favorite parts were the Hall of Mirrors, where the Treaty of Versailles was signed after WW I, and Marrie Antoinette’s quarters.
IMG_1009IMG_1077Notre Dame: A beautiful cathedral on the little island in the middle of the Seine river. A must see!IMG_1139Love Lock Bridge: There are so many locks on this bridge that the city of Paris had to forbid any more, because the weight is causing the bridge to buckle. Too much love, people!IMG_1164Luxembourg Gardens: This hidden gem is tucked away in the neighborhood of Luxembourg, a bit outside the city center. We enjoyed walking around the park, gardens, recreation areas, and visiting the little museum with an impressionist exhibit! IMG_1195IMG_0827IMG_1172IMG_1190IMG_1206IMG_1208IMG_4852All said and done, I fell in love with the city and know I will return one day (hopefully when I am rich and can afford Escargot!) Au revoir for now Paris!

6 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Micah, What an amazing trip you are having! I love your pictures and the way you describe your experiences. May God bless all of you with safety, fun, and good studies. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Blessings, Grandma Susan ________________________________________

  2. Croatia, Berlin, Paris. Man it’s good to be Micah! Enjoy your adventures — and thanks for opening a window for us to share in them with you! A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you.

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