IMG_4664IMG_4660IMG_4656Hallo meine freunden! I was blessed to spend this past weekend in Germany’s capitol city of Berlin. Berlin is an incredible city by itself, but my experience was made even more incredible by the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the falling of the Wall. I have studied the wall in school and my parents even brought me a piece of it when I was young, but I never fully grasped the significance until this weekend. Every time I walked across the marker from east to west Berlin, I was struck with the realization that hundreds of people died trying to do sometime I didn’t think twice about. In american culture, November is a time to reflect on what we are thankful for, and this year I am thankful for the many freedoms I enjoy in life. Seeing a physical barrier to freedom was a reminder of just how good I have it. So what exactly did I do in Berlin? First, we took a hop on hop off bus tour around the city to get our bearings. Then we saw Check Point Charlie and it’s adjoining museum. Crazy coincidence: while we were there we joined a tour of the museum led by a man who smuggled 149 people from east Berlin to west. Consequently, he spent 7 years in a Stazi (soviet secret police) prison! I couldn’t believe our luck! Then, we toured the Topography of Terror- the city block that housed the USSR government buildings and existing portions of the wall. Next, we walked through the stasi museum, ate dinner, viewed the iconic Brandenbourg Gate, and went to bed exhausted. We woke up on saturday ready to conquer the rest! First, a stroll through Berlin’s famous department store KaDeVe, in which I only looked. The store takes up an entire city block, like Herrods in Lodon or Macy’s in NYC. Lunch at at HardRock Cafe followed, then the New Museum, which boasts the bust of Queen Nefrotiti. We finished the night with the DDR (Deutches Democratic Republik) museum, an interactive museum that highlights the lifestyle of soviet citizen. That was by far my favorite museum of the trip. Our grand finale was the Reichstag Dome on saturday morning. The Reichstag is the main government building (like our capitol building in DC) where the parliament meets. It is a beautiful classic building with a modern, glass and metal dome added in 1999. You can walk in a spiral to the top of the dome, which features beautiful views of Berlin from every angle. I would definitly recommend it!! All in all, a great weekend full of historical significance and plain old fun!
P.s. The movie documentary of the wall “Mauerstücke” played in several main squares this weekend and I would highly recommend it.

4 thoughts on “Berlin

  1. This is amazing, Micah! I am so thankful you are having such a wonderful experience! Be safe, Grandma Susan ________________________________________

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