IMG_0741IMG_0701IMG_0687IMG_0614IMG_0601IMG_0591IMG_0563IMG_0560IMG_0557IMG_0547IMG_0540IMG_0535IMG_0531IMG_4576IMG_4573IMG_4575IMG_4574Hello there friends! I apologize for my blog neglect, but I was on vacation in Croatia, so I think it is excusable. We had five days off school, instead of our usual three, so this was our chance to travel a bit farther than normal. That said, me and thirteen others boarded a 12 hour night train bound for Zagreb, Croatia. Once there, we rented three cars and drove two hours to the Plitvice Lakes, a Unesco World Heritage Site famous for its gorgeous waterfalls and consecutive lakes. After hiking around for a bit, we down the coast to the ancient GrecoRoman port town of Split. The town was allegedly named Split because it is where the Emperor Diocletian split the Eastern and Western empire, and we toured his palace in the middle of the city. We stayed in a hostel there on Wednesday night and then drove our cars onto a ferry and sailed to the island of Hvar. The rest is a blur of sunshine and smiles- renting mopeds, staying in villas, lounging beach side, sipping cocktails, you name it! Again, travel is never without stress and frustration. The language barrier is even stronger there than in Germany, which caused some conundrums, and navigating large group dynamics can be tricky. But all in all, I loved my long weekend and can’t wait to return to Croatia some day (Honeymoon maybe?)

6 thoughts on “Croatia

  1. Hmm, already thinking about a honeymoon- anyone in mind? Glad all is going well, Grandma Susan

    PS- Please give Dr. Bui my regards. ________________________________________

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