Falling in Love with Fall


Hey friends! I decided to stay home this weekend to catch up on some things- namely sleep and homework! Also, three of my friends from Pepperdine’s London program are visiting, which is fun. I enjoy showing off Heidelberg like I own the place. While I have a bit of time, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things about fall. Seasons are a new concept for me, having grown up in Southern California where 60 degrees in cold. Whenever I feel tired or homesick or grumpy, I remind myself of how unique Germany is and how I will never experience fall in this place again. Here we go:

1. The tree outside my window- Heidelberg is full of trees, but for some reason I have a particular affinity for the one outside my bedroom window. It started out lush and green, then moved to a bright shade of orange, and now is loosing leaves like nobody’s business. I love watching the dead, crisp leaves fall to the ground, but it also saddens me because it means fall is almost over.
2. Warm drinks- I drink a lot of coffee. I justify my addiction by saying I will never drink German coffee again, but who am I kidding? In German culture, you can sit at a coffee shop for hours on just one cup. There is no pressure to buy more or give up your seat for new customers. I regularly visit coffee shops after class and read, do homework, or people watch. I also drink lattes, hot chocolate, and mauled wine. Yum!
3. Fashion- Cold weather clothes open up a whole new realm of fashion possibilities. Layers are key, but I often forget and end up sweating as I walk up the hill. Scarves are my new favorite accessory, as well as headbands, gloves, and leg warmers. I have to admit, a large portion of my budget goes to clothes…oh well!
4. Rosy cheeks- I have cute rosy red cheeks after a stroll outside- no blush necessary!
5. Food- Pumpkin flavored food is always a plus, and candy doesn’t hurt. I am storing up fat for winter hibernation!

Of course there are a few drawbacks to fall, such as shorter days, cold feet, and confinement to indoors, but I can handle anything for a few months. I’m just trying to soak it all up before I return to sunny Malibu (which is not so bad either). Thanks for indulging me and reading about my current favorites. Hope all is well!

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