Why I Blog

IMG_9660 As I approach my ten month Blogiversary (Yes, that’s a real word now), I decided to reflect on why I blog and what is has taught me. Here’s what I discovered:

I Am Creative I always wanted to be that person who does DIY crafts and makes Pinterest recipes all day, but I never thought I was creative enough. This blog proved me wrong! I am challenged creatively by every post- brainstorming, writing, editing and enhancing my photos.

Be Present Before I started blogging, I would whiz through experiences without noticing any of the details or paying attention to my surroundings. Now, I am hyper aware of everything because I’m thinking about future blog posts. I take my camera everywhere to capture memories, I journal more frequently to remember details, and make an effort to get out into the world. Everything I do is possible material for this blog!

Blogging is Cathartic When I’m feeling homesick or lonely or frustrated, instead of bottling it all up or exploding on an innocent person, I write about it! I let my emotions leak onto the page and am forced to confront them. I love expressing myself through words and pictures.

Accountability If I say I am going to do something on this blog, I have to do it. Even though I don’t have a huge following, I want to keep them up to date and informed. Photography Before I started blogging, I had not delved into the world of DSLR photography. I mostly snapped photos on my iPhone or my family’s little digital camera. After consistently blogging for six months, I asked for a nice camera for my birthday. It has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made! It provides one more outlet for my creativity. Plus, it takes a lot less effort than painting!

Writing Truth be told, I am considering switching to an English or Creative Writing major. I love to write and think I am pretty good (and humble). Any thoughts on my potential major?

Self-Discipline I try to note the things I love about my favorite blogs, and consistency is at the top of the list. Blogs that post regularly hold my interest and keep me coming back for more. I try to emulate that on my blog, and in my life in general.

Community The blogging community is unreal! I had no idea how extensive a network it really is, and how many wonderful people want to share the details of their lives. I love participating in something larger than myself, interacting with like minded people, and being inspired by entrepreneurs. One day I hope to be a professional blogger, so networking with other bloggers is laying a good foundations.IMG_9668.JPG

5 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. I love you and your blog and all the reasons why you do it. I love to read and your blog is always so refreshing! Thank you!

  2. Micah, I have loved reading your blog! I’m so glad you’re doing it. It’s been fun to think back to my Heidelberg days, I’m a bit jealous that you’ll have such a cool memento of your time there, I have some old printed photos and maybe a journal somewhere, but this blog of yours will be easy for you to find and share with others. I hope you keep up the great work!

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