My friend LauraIMG_9713
The main street in townIMG_9743IMG_9721
The castle, which has since been converted to a university buildingIMG_9905
Me, Laura, and Laura’s sister Nina in Laura’s apartmentIMG_9766
Cute cafe we stopped into
IMG_9844Laura’s parents

Hey! I can’t write much since I am running out the door to Vienna with my group, but I thought I would share a few photos from my weekend in Münster. Münster is a college town, and I visited my friend Laura who is studying Politics and Economics there. She was a foreign exchange student at my high school and we kept in touch. She showed me around and then took me to her parent’s home in the country, where we had a wonderful barbecue and bike ride. After, her sister Nina came back with us and we had a fun night on the town. Nina is taking a gap year between high school and University to be a nanny for family in Australia. How cool is that?! Funny story: I originally bought my train ticket to München (Munich)- good thing I realized my mistake and didn’t end up alone in the south of Germany during Oktoberfest!

2 thoughts on “Münster

  1. I had such a wonderful time when you came to visit 🙂
    You should really come again soon!! Especially during christmas time, it’s so beautiful here!! ❤

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