September by the Numbers

IMG_91131. Coffe date with Frau Wuttke- I was honored to have coffee with our Academic Advisor Frau Wuttke. She is one of my role models and inspirations here, and I couldn’t imagine the program without her nurturing presence.
2. Letters sent by snail mail- I recently received a letter from my friend Tammy Selby, and decided to give the lost art form a try! I sent her a letter and I also sent one to my brother Isaac. He received it ten days later, and promised to write me back soon.
3. Weekend trips- I have traveled to Bäd Durkheim, Konstanz, and Frankfurt so far, and plan to visit Münster this coming weekend.
4. Classes- I am enrolled in English, Intensive German, Communications 295, and Humanities this semester. Keeps me busy!
5. At least five misunderstands per day between English and German. Things often get lost in translation and I wind up eating something I didn’t order or thought I didn’t order!
6. Books to read for English class- So far we have read The Sorrows of Young Werther, Snow White, and The Communist Manifesto. We will also read Siddhartha, All Quiet on the Western Front, and Confessions of Felix Krull.
7. Thankful to be here seven days a week- I am trying to intentionally practice thankfulness this year! It isn’t hard- all I have to do is look around at the stunning scenery.
8. A minimum of eight treks up and down the mountain from Moore Haus to the classrooms each week. I am happy to report all the walking is counter acting the excessive amounts of bread I consume.
9. Hour time difference- This one is a real zinger! It is hard to communicate by phone with friends and family back home due to our busy schedules, but it makes the times we do talk even more special.
10. Weeks until I am home for Winter Break- I fly home December 9th and return January 6th. I know the time will fly by!

3 thoughts on “September by the Numbers

  1. I loved #6. I want to be in that class!
    #5 would be my worst fear. We will be seeing you at Christmas before we all know it!

    1. Haha I am getting used to being misunderstood! But it was definitely scary at first. I can’t believe I have already been here a month, I will be home in no time!

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