ABC’s of Heidelberg


AltStadt- Altstadt means ‘old city’ in German, and describes the center of most cities in Germany. Moore Haus is on the hill overlooking die Altstadt, which can be distinguished from die Neustadt by the red tile roofs!

Bad Durkheim- Two weekends ago I visited the largest wine and sausage festival in the world in the city of Bad Durkheim. You can read about it here!

Class- For some reason, I forgot that I am still a student this year. It was a rude awakening when I had to start school again after a four month summer. But I am happy to report I am enjoying all my classes and starting to get back into the groove of things.

Dirndles- Dirndles are the traditional dress of German women, while men wear Leiderhosen. I recently bought one for myself, and you can see me trying on a different one in the store here.

Essighaus- My group eats dinner at Essighaus three times a week. Essig means vinegar, so that tells you something about the food…but I’m not complaining! It is a Heidelberg tradition to eat there, and I’m just smitten to be a part of it.

Fall- As a SoCal girl, I have never experienced Fall before. All the trees are turning shades of golden, red, and orange. The leaves are starting to fall and it there’s a chill in the air.
Good company- My group really is the best group in 50 years…no joke, people. I feel so blessed to call them my peers! Homesickness- Not going to lie, I have experiences a touch of homesickness. As the honeymoon stage wears off, I begin to realize all the differences between here and home. But I try to keep myself distracted and think of all the positives. Independence- We have so much freedom here. Some people exercise it more than others, but it is a bit shocking when you realize you are 100% in charge of yourself.
Jesus- Drawing close to Jesus is essential. There was never a more important time to draw near to God than now. He is a firm foundation amid the ever changing surroundings.
Konstanz (Constance in English)- Last weekend I visited the beautiful area of Constance. Read more here!
Love- Love is definitely a verb as well as a noun. I practice love everyday in the large and small things. Loving people unconditionally is my mission this year!
Munich- Next weekend I will visit my friend in Munich. She studied at my high school for a year and we became close friends. I am so excited and will be sure to write about the experience.
Not understanding- Culture shock is a real thing my friends. I do not understand the language well yet, so I feel lost most of the time. This provides an opportunity to practice patience with myself and others. These things just take time.
Octoberfest, Opa- While many of my peers are attending Octoberfest this weekend, I decided to skip the crowds and visit my grandpa in Frankfurt.
Professors- Dr. Learner and Dr. Sattler are legends in this program. They are the BEST!
Questioning- I have been questioning many things here, particularly about cultural differences. Also, I could’t think of another Q word haha!
Rest- Not just physical, but spiritual and emotional rest is key in this environment. I love to go paint the castle or walk by the river to rejuvenate 🙂
Schnitzel- Yummy! Thin pork breaded and cooked, served with lemon and french fries. Who could ask for more?
Time difference- Nine hours is a long time, but we are making it work! This blog really helps with communication.
Umbrella weather- What is all this wet stuff falling from the sky? We don’t have it at home. It hailed, lightninged and thundered the other day!
Vetters- A local bar some of us go to occasionally. So much fun and ambiance!
Wetzlar- My group visited the town of Wetzlar today to visit the house of Goethe, a famous German author. We are reading one of his books in English class, The Sorrows of Young Werther, and it was interesting to see the places that inspired him.
X– EXtremes. Emotions here are either really high or really low, no in-between. Relationships here are intense. Keeps things interesting!
Youthful- I try to remember how fleeting life is and the importance of taking nothing for granted. I will remember this year for the rest of my life.
Zzzzzz…Sleep!- More like lack of! I am working on that one, but it’s a constant battle to get to bed before midnight. Speaking off sleep, I am glad I’ve reached Z because it’s my bedtime.

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