Lake Constance

IMG_9043IMG_9099IMG_9106IMG_9123IMG_9162IMG_4172IMG_9327IMG_9336IMG_942510350343_849192205105132_685898230955313715_nHowdy friends! I returned from my trip to Lake Constance last night and would love to share some memories with you. The area is called Bodensee in German, and it is on the southern border of Germany and Switzerland. Half of the lake is in each country, and the Swiss Alps provide a stunning backdrop. Fun fact about the town of Constance: during World War II, most German towns would turn off their lights at night to avoid getting bombed, but Constance would turn on its lights to blend in with the nearby Swiss towns, as they were neutral and did not get bombed. Cool, right? I love exploring Germany because everything has a long and fascinating history.
We arrived on Thursday night at 10:17 (German trains are extremely exact) and took a taxi to our hostel in Dozwil, Switzerland- population 650! The hostel was actually rather nice and we took a 30 minute train ride into Constance city center each morning. On Friday we took a ferry to Mainau, an island on the lake known for its botanical gardens and castle. The flower pictures above are from that excursion! On Saturday we did a Ropes Course in the Black Forest, about twenty minutes outside town. There were over 120 obstacles- zip lines, rope swings, pulleys, you name it. I am still store from all the exertion, but no regrets! On Sunday we ate a leisurely brunch in town and then headed home for some much needed sleep and last minute homework. All in all, a good but exhausting weekend. I hope yours was also full of fond memories!
P.S. It rained, hailed, thundered and lightninged here in Heidelberg today. And now its sunny! What the heck? What is the weather like at home these days?

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