We Made It

IMG_4056IMG_4057IMG_8824IMG_4080   Hello from the other side of the world! We made it to Germany after 28 hours of travel, and are settling into Moore Haus. I have to say, all the hype about Moore Haus is true- it really is wonderful. I am in room 10, a spacious room with a built in desk cove and bay window, with three other amazing girls. This girl isn’t complaining! Yesterday my group went on a hike to Philosopher’s Way, a scenic path high above town on the other side of the Neckar River. I think I have walked more in the past three days than in the past three years! Did you know the national past time in Germany is to take a walk? These pictures are not great, as the day was cloudy, but I still hope you enjoy 🙂

3 thoughts on “We Made It

  1. Glad you are settling in and that you enjoy your room and roommates:) How interesting that Germans walk a lot. Maybe they don’t have to pay for a health club membership that way!

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