Brendin & Kaitlyn’s Wedding

IMG_8711.JPGIMG_8710.JPG^For a guest book, we finger printed a leaf on a tree and signed our names on top of it.IMG_8713.JPGIMG_8719.JPGIMG_8722.JPGMy brother and I thoroughly enjoyed the photo booth. I can’t figure out why I’m still single- maybe it’s the mustache?IMG_8724.JPGParents being silly 🙂IMG_8727.JPGHilltop Church being silly 🙂IMG_8744.JPGYou can expect this picture in the mail around Christmas time ^^IMG_8747.JPGSeating arrangementsIMG_8746.JPGPersonal Pies for dessert- I got peach raspberry 🙂IMG_8754.JPG
IMG_8766.JPGWe cheered the couple off by forming a glow stick tunnel. Isaac and Laura really got into it.
IMG_8755.JPGHallo meine Freundin (‘Hello my friends’ in German)! Sunday night I was honored to attend Brendin Williamson and Kaitlyn Sample’s wedding. It took place in Wrightwood, CA, a small mountain town near Big Bear. The venue was gorgeous- a large grassy lawn, a creek with a wooden bridge, tall pine trees, etc. The actual ceremony took place under a big beautiful tree strung with lights. The colors were sea foam blue, pale yellow, and coral, and the decorations represented their styles well: simple, tasteful, and rustic. I couldn’t stop snapping pictures of all the adorable details. They also provided fun activities like a corn hole game, Photo Booth and dance floor to entertain their guests. I am so happy for these two, and hope they enjoy their Hawaiian honeymoon.

P.S. I leave for Heidelberg tomorrow morning at four a.m., so if you would like to follow my travels, just click the grey follow button in the lower right hand corner. You will receive emails whenever I post something new. Auf weidersehen!

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