Hey friends! My family and I just returned from a week of exploring Yosemite National Park. We stayed in a friend’s condo and then a ‘tent cabin’ on the valley floor, which was rugged yet comfortable! Although California is in a drought, Yosemite remained as beautiful as ever. We were able to swim in spots that are usually too rapid, while some of the spots were all dried up. We rode bikes, golfed (I discovered my lack of talent at the sport), rode horses, hiked, swam, etc. Don’t these pictures look like a fake backdrop you pose in front of at a party? The Sierra Nevada Mountains are so beautiful it almost hurts. In previous years, my family has camped at Dinkey Creek, an area just south of Yosemite with a similar aesthetic- big granite cliffs, natural swimming holes, and endless pine trees. It felt good to breath in the fresh air and hear the sounds of nature once again. I think it was a good way to ‘reset’ before I jet off to Europe in a week. Just typing the words ‘a week’ freaks me out a little!

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