Summer Reflections


As my summer sadly draws to a close, I have been feeling very reflective and insightful! I honestly can’t believe four months are gone. It feels like just yesterday I finished my last final and drove home for the summer. These four college summers are suppose to be filled with internships, work, friends, bonfires, etc. My first college summer contained a few of these, but a few unique things of its own.


IMG_8033.JPGIn May I took a science class for summer school to get ahead, which was difficult because of the fast pace, but also rewarding. It helped me rule out science as a possible major!


IMG_6583.JPG In June I reconnected with my little brother through a two week inner city children’s theater camp. He was a counselor and I was the musical director, and we worked with thirty of the cutest kids you ever did see. They were mostly of hispanic heritage, and it was incredible to learn about their lives and culture. Many of them had never participated in musical theater before, and it was a privlage to see them blossom into confident performers.


IMG_6787.jpgIn July, I headed to London with Pepperdine to take a class on C.S. Lewis and explore the country. It was a tough time socially, as I didn’t have many close friends to travel with and often felt lost, drifting from group to group. Through this though, I discovered how much I enjoy traveling by myself. It allows me to drink in my surroundings more deeply and notice the details. This lesson will prove invaluable next month in Heidelberg.


IMG_8040.JPGNow in August, I am at school for Resident Assistant training. I am learning to be a compassionate listener, a first responder, and a responsible resource. It has been an interesting experience- tiring at times, but also gratifying. I grow more and more excited for next moth with each passing day. The count down to Heidelberg has begun!

This post has basically just been my stream of consciousness. I apologize for the word vomit, but sometimes you have to vomit to feel better; you know, clear the system, unplug the drain. Processing is so healthy, and I need to schedule more time for it in my daily life! I have had so many thoughts swimming around in my brain about the last four months, and I’m thankful for this space to let them spill out onto the page. Hope your summer was relaxing and fulfilling. I can’t say mine was relaxing in the typical sense, but it sure was fun!

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