10 England Highlights

A few of the highlights from my trip!

  1. Highclere Castle- Otherwise known as Downton Abbey to fans of the show, this was one of my favorite day trips. It was an hour train ride through scenic countryside to the little town of Newburry, where we caught a taxi to the 5,000 acre estate of Earl and Lady Carvarvon. Read more about it here!
  2. Shows- I saw ‘War Horse,’ ‘Once,’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ in the West End. There are a million discount ticket booths, and you can also go to the theater window an hour before the show starts to buy cheap tickets.
  3. Bath- Such an interesting town! It is in the more mountainous region of south England. The Romans were crazy good at innovation and architecture. I was so impressed by the ancient roman baths, I just wish I could have taken a soak in the natural hot springs. I would recommend the three hour bus ride, it was definitely worth it! Read more here.
  4. National Gallery- Degas, Monet, Renoir, Picasso, Michael Angelo, you name it, they’re at the National Gallery! This museum is an art lovers paradise- and free admission! What could be better?
  5. High Tea- I have been having tea withdrawals since I returned home. I need a tea IV hooked up to my arm. The tea there is wonderful, and it is usually served with scones, clotted cream, and jam. Yum!
  6. Camden Market- Crazy, overwhelming, and exciting! There were so many food booths I wanted to try, and innumerable stalls to explore. Definitely a fun day outing!
  7. Hyde Park- The house I stayed in was right next to Hyde Park, London’s ‘Central Park.’ It is an extensive network of gardens, fields, paths, and lakes. I rode bikes around it one Sunday afternoon and stopped to watch speaker’s corner for a bit. I would recommend spending some time in the park, and be sure to walk around Kensington Gardens and palace, a subsection of Hyde Park. Pictures here!
  8. Punting- punting in Cambridge is…an experience. It was hard to do by yourself if you’re a weak girl like me, so I would recommend getting a guide. But it is the thing to do in Cambridge!
  9. Pubs- I don’t generally drink or spend much time in bars, but I genuinely enjoyed kicking back in a pub for a few hours with friends. The atmosphere is relaxed and light. I loved sipping cider and talking about the days events with a close girlfriend.
  10. London Eye- A bit pricey (they don’t call it the wheel of fortune for nothing) but totally worth it. The views are stunning and it is an easy way to see all the big monuments. See pictures here. 


14 thoughts on “10 England Highlights

  1. Sounds so lovely! Plenty of those things I haven’t experienced yet – even though I lived in the UK! I never even saw Hyde park when I was in London haha what a terrible tourist I am! Looks like you experience quite a bit of southern England though 🙂

      1. Yeah definitely check it out Sammy! I loved the songs, having not even seen the movie – and if you sit in the front you get to go to the bar on the stage before and at half-time!

  2. That would be seriously awesome, to visit the location of “Downton Abbey”!! But, basically everything you did in England sounds awesome. 🙂

    1. It all was so fun! But Downton Abbey was one of my top five! Let me know if you’re ever in London and I can give you tips on how to get to Downton 🙂

    1. Bath was so unique! I loved how it was tucked away in the mountains- a great contrast to the flatter parts of England, particularly London. Let me know if you are ever in the area and need travel tips to and from Bath!

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