Goodbye London

IMG_8008IMG_7989IMG_7953IMG_7960MeIMG_7974IMG_7952 The day has come to say goodbye to this great city! Last night my group took a ride on the London Eye (AKA The Wheel of Fortune) to see panoramic views of the city. Then we ate at an amazing Mexican restaurant near Leicester Square. I am sad to leave but also ready to be home. I feel contented and at peace because I know I will be back one day. London is not the kind of city you can only visit once, it demands a repeat! Who knows where God will lead me these next few years, but I sure wouldn’t complain if he led me here! Thanks for reading along friends, I’ve had so much fun documenting my experience. The next three weeks on the blog will be a bit quieter because I will be at school for RA training, but I’ll be fired up and rearing to go come September 3rd when I depart for Heidelberg!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye London

  1. I’m hoping we can do London together one day! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. Safe travels and welcome home. We can’t wait to see you!

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