An Oxford Review

IMG_7590 I love this bridge 🙂 Can we build some in California please?IMG_7592IMG_7627IMG_7628IMG_7663IMG_7665IMG_7687The Thames river walk IMG_7709J.R.R. Tolkien’s HouseIMG_7750kebleIMG_7578Keble College, where I am staying. Lewis often lectured at Keble! One of the 39 colleges around town that make up Oxford University.IMG_7585A cute avenue in town- I kind of like it blurry!

A photographic review of my week in Oxford! I went on a long walk through town and out into the countryside, snapping photos at rapid speed. I also went on a walking tour of Oxford today, and the guide pointed out all the spots where Lewis and his literary group The Inklings met. The tour included Magdalen College, where he taught for most of his career. Inside the college grounds is Addison’s Walk, and it was on that walk that Lewis officially converted to Christianity. He walked with Tolkien and Dyson, who talked to him about the nature of myth and how the Christian story fulfills all other myths. At the start, he was not a Christian, and at the end he was. I can’t say I had any grand epiphanies- but it sure was relaxing and beautiful!

2 thoughts on “An Oxford Review

  1. I loved loved loved Oxford when I visited a good friend there last year! He gave me the tour and I fell in love with the town! I want to move there one day, so badly!! Your photos are beautiful! 🙂

    1. It is such a cool city! Everywhere you turn is something gorgeous! I think I took more pictures there than the whole of my four week trip combined haha 🙂

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