Bath Time

IMG_7430 IMG_7444Me and my friend the Roman centurion ^^IMG_7446 IMG_7451 IMG_7464You are never too old to play dress up at the Jane Austen Museum ^^IMG_7478

The Royal Crescent, where Bath’s most affluent residence live ^^IMG_7488 IMG_7493 IMG_7504 IMG_7512IMG_7429Hello friends! Yesterday I took a bus out to Bath with a few friends to explore the ancient Roman Baths. A natural hot spring bubbles up from the ground in this town, and the Romans took advantage- they built an extensive spa complex dedicated to the goddess Aquea Sulis. The baths were world renown for their supposed healing powers. I had so much fun walking around, and even got to taste the water. After, we saw the ‘Circus’ and the ‘Royal Crescent,’ two circles made of beautiful town homes, were the wealthiest residence live. We also went to the Jane Austen Museum, as she lived in Bath for a period of time and mentions it in all her books. I have read ‘Northanger Abbey,’ which is entirely set in Bath, so it was great to really understand the context of the story. I could definitely see myself living in Bath- it has the quaint England charm without the busy pace of the big city. Thanks for the great day Bath, I’ll be back!


17 thoughts on “Bath Time

  1. It looks like a wonderful little day trip – and I love that you went to the Jane Austen museum! That is definitely on my “bucket list” having read some of her classics.

    1. Hey, thanks so much for stopping by! Unfortunately you can’t go in the baths, but you can taste the water, which was hot and actually a bit funny tasting haha 🙂

  2. I’m gonna sound like a massive dummy right now, but is there an actual spa at the roman baths? Or is it only something to go look at? I heard Bath was incredible and look forward to visiting it one day! Love your photos! That crescent is very impressive!

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