Harry Potter Mania

IMG_7105 IMG_7108 IMG_3077 IMG_3100Any Harry Potter fans out there? I was lucky enough to go to the Harry Potter studio today and tour the sets and sound stages. I got to ride on a broom stick in front of a green screen, push my cart through platform nine and three quarters, and ride the night bus…what more could a girl ask for? During the tour, I was struck by the incredible attention to detail- every single turret on the Hogwarts scale model contains over 1,000 hand placed shingles. This movie series was a ten year undertaking, one of the longest in movie history. I can’t imagine signing up for a ten year project! If you are ever in the UK, I highly recommend this outing. Thanks for reading! Well, I’m off to watch ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’….:)


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