Trafalgar Square

IMG_3655My new best friend! Doesn’t he look happy?IMG_7152IMG_7129 IMG_7165

IMG_3662My relatives?!IMG_7191

On the rooftops of London, Chim Cheree Chim Cheroo!

The day started out rather abysmal and rainy. I was really tiered and grumpy from not sleeping much the night before. The reason? We saw the new musical “Once” which was fantastic! There are only twelve people in the cast, and they all play the instruments as well as act and dance. Anyways, the weather didn’t get much better throughout the day, but my mood sure did! We watched the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace, during which the royal marching band played John Williams songs (who knew they like popular music?) and then headed over to Trafalgar Square. There, we saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Westminster Cathedral. They were all spectacular, but I particularly enjoyed Westminster Abbey because I got to see the site of all royal coronations and weddings. Hope your day was great too!

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