London Town

IMG_6778 IMG_6763 IMG_6787 IMG_6769 IMG_6765Hello friends, I made it to London- let the fun begin! After a nine hour plane ride (that part wasn’t so fun) we landed at Heathrow airport and took a bus to 56 Prince’s Gate. It took a while to adjust to driving on the left side of the road, and I still have to remind myself to look right every time I cross the street. We finished the day with lunch, a walking tour, an info. session, and then dinner out together. I stayed up till ten and was so tiered by the end of the day I couldn’t see straight, but I think I’m nearly on London time now. This morning I attended All Souls Church, an Anglican Evangelical church in central London. It was an impressive building and an even more impressive service. These are just a few snap shots from my walks, hope you enjoy!


4 thoughts on “London Town

  1. Hey Micah! I was just reading through your posts and this is one of my favorites! England looks gorgeous (even if the weather isn’t so great) and it looks like you’re having a ton of fun! I hope you’re enjoying your adventure so far 🙂

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