IMG_0014Last night I attended a surprise birthday dinner for my friend Kayla! I helped invite people, so all my favorite theater friends were there! They are such lovely, well-rounded, and talented ladies. I miss performing in shows and dance recitals along side them! It was so fun to meet them at the restaurant early, hide out behind menus when Kayla walked past, and yell surprise! She seemed shocked, but I think it may have been an act- our plan wasn’t that sneaky after all! It was a nice night, but also a bit hard. It is tricky to transition from college, with all its new people and experiences, back to high school situations. These ladies are so sweet, it was easy to pick back up where we left off, but it reminded me that I am in a different stage of life now. It was nice, however, to be reassured that I will have some amazing friends to spend time with this June when I return home for four weeks.

Cheers to Kayla and all she has accomplished in her seventeen years!

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