“Are you okay?”

Something happened tonight that slightly bothered me.

I am apart of Songfest, a song and dance show. My call time tonight was 8:00, and 66 of us were stuffed into a tiny room to wait for our performance time. As an introvert, I became increasingly over-stimulated as the night went on. People were screaming, running around with their heads cut off, and blasting loud music. In short, it was not my preferred milieu. Anyways, I went out to sit in the hall to read my book in the peace and quiet. Not two minutes later, a girl in my group came up to me and, with a concerned face, asked, “Are you okay?” Confused, I nodded and she returned to the holding pin.

Why is quiet seen as concerning? Since when did a moment of solace become something to worry about? I know her question came from a genuinely loving place, and I appreciate that in it’s own right. However, it still slightly bothered me. I would like to encourage you to rethink your definitions of social and antisocial behavior. Next time you see someone reading alone in the corner, try asking them what they’re reading, or what they like about the book instead of what’s wrong. I’m sure they’d appreciate it!

One thought on ““Are you okay?”

  1. Thank you for this encouragement and training, Micah. As you know, your Dad tends to be an extravert! You have given me a good word for others.

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