Accidental Feminist

Accidental Feminist

Hello! This is a great article someone shared with me about women’s roles in the church and how she models her life after Jesus, who viewed men and women as equals in a time of extreme patriarchy. Mom and Dad, I know you’re reading this, I would love you to read it if you have time! Love ya!

(Click on Pink link above)

2 thoughts on “Accidental Feminist

  1. Amen! Well said. Wish I could be that articulate with my thoughts and beliefs. God has made me in his image…nothing should hold me back from using my gifts and talents for his glory.

  2. Hey Micah…I had been saving this post for when I had some extra time. I really liked the author as she is a very good writer. So much of what she said is right and her convictions have, unfortunately, been forged through bad experiences at church. It makes me sad. Undoubtedly, I have been a part of those incidents in my life, too, especially as a leader. I read through all the posts on the article, also. As you can see the conversation is pretty intense with everyone trying to do their best by scripture. Me, too. Just know that I love you deeply, Micah, and I know that you/our pursuit of truth is also mixed with lots and lots of grace from the Lord. He is gracious to us throughout our entire lives.

    Again, super artic

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