Tell the Wolves I’m Home

A book summary and review:
I recently finished reading “Tell the Wolves I’m Home” by Carol Rifka Brunt. Although this term has become slightly cliche, it is a “Coming of Age Novel.” Set in 1987 New York, it details the life of a fourteen year old girl named June Elbus. She does not fit in socially, preferring to spend time on her own in the woods behind school. She has an active imagination and loves to pretend she lives in the medieval times. The only person she truly connects with is her uncle and godfather Finn. Finn is a homosexual, and is dying of AIDS. The two of them have adventures all over New York City, and Finn shows June the world. Towards the end of his life, he insists on painting a portrait of June and her sister Greta, with whom she has a tumultuous relationship. Finn eventually passes away, and his boyfriend Toby steps in to fill the role in June’s life. Their friendship is secret because June’s family blames Toby for Finn’s death, but that doesn’t stop the two of them from growing extremely close. In the end, June takes care of Toby on his death bed, just as Toby helped June over come the obstacles of growing up. I enjoyed this book immensely. It started off slow, and took a while to get going, but once it did I couldn’t put it down!




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